Kickout Flashing

Though we don’t see much stucco in this area, here is a helpful diagram of the proper step and kickout flashings for a roof intersecting a side wall:


Asbestos Abatement Guide

The Mesothelioma Center recently sent us Your Guide to Hiring an Asbestos Abatement Company, and we wanted Asbestos Abatement Guide as a free resource. Enjoy! also has more information and resources for those dealing with the harmful, home-hidden substance.

Master Instructor in NC

Certified-Master-Inspector-Instructor-Logo small

In association with InterNACHI and the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board, Britt recently became an approved continuing education and prelicensure instructor.

If you are an inspector in need of training or a future inspector in need of licensure, contact us for details.

Thumbtack Top Pro 2018 for Cary

Thumbtack recently honored us as a “Top Pro 2018” for Cary, NC.

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Check out our ratings on reviews at Thumbtack.

Exterior of an Older Duplex

with at least one peculiarity:

Garage Interiors

This older garage has storage, outlets, three doors, even a wood stove!

Good Deck vs. Bad Deck

We’ve seen quite a few poorly built back decks that stand over 6′ off the ground. Here is an example of one that is quite well built.

Who Do Home Inspectors Work For?

Do home inspectors work for real estate agents? Banks? Or the home buyer himself? We answer in this fourth video in our series, “Top Questions”:

What is a Home Inspection?

In our second installment in the “Top Questions” video series, we tackle, “What is a home inspection?” Enjoy:

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How Do You Become a Home Inspector?

In the first of our “Top Questions” video series, Britt answers the ever-popular question, “How do you become a home inspector in the state of North Carolina?”

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