An Older Chimney and Improper Cricket

Here we inspect from a ranch roof and find an older chimney with an interesting diverter:

Good Deck vs. Bad Deck

We’ve seen quite a few poorly built back decks that stand over 6′ off the ground. Here is an example of one that is quite well built.

What Makes Us Different?

In the third video of the “Top Questions” series, we answer “What Makes Confident Home Inspection Different?”


What is a Home Inspection?

In our second installment in the “Top Questions” video series, we tackle, “What is a home inspection?” Enjoy:

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How Do You Become a Home Inspector?

In the first of our “Top Questions” video series, Britt answers the ever-popular question, “How do you become a home inspector in the state of North Carolina?”

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NCHILB Approves InterNACHI Courses

For my home inspector friends, recently the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board (NCHILB) approved 15 InterNACHI online courses, totaling 87 CE hours. The InterNACHI website currently lists:

  • “Safe Practices for the Home Inspector” (Free to all, 4 CE)
  • “Home Inspection Business Course”  (Free to all, 6 CE)
  • “How to Perform Roof Inspections” (Free to members, 4 CE)
  • “How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections” (Free to members, 4 CE)
  • “Structural Issues for Home Inspectors” (Free to members, 4 CE)
  • “How to Perform Exterior Inspections” (Free to members, 16 CE)
  • “How to Inspect the Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior” (Free to members, 14 CE)
  • “How to Inspect HVAC Systems” (Free to members, 12 CE)
  • “How to Inspect Fireplaces, Stoves, and Chimneys” (Free to members, 4 CE)
  • “The House as a System” (Free to members, 2 CE)
  • “Energy Movement for Inspectors” (Free to members, 2 CE)
  • “Comfort and Climate for Inspectors” (Free to members, 1 CE)
  • “How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion” (Free to members, 8 CE)
  • “25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know” (Free to members, 5 CE)
  • “How to Perform Deck Inspections” (Free to members, 1 CE)

all as counting for NCHILB Continuing Education credits. See InterNACHI’s Education page and search it for “North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board.